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For those folks looking for a natural alternative to those chemical dryer sheets The Willow Store supplies Wool Dryer Balls. Not only do they soften your laundry naturally with out chemicals but they help your clothes tumble dry faster by increasing circulation,  and can reduce drying time significantly. Any savings of energy now-a-days is a big plus. I’ve found that those loads that aren’t quite dry after the 1st setting are indeed dry she using wool dryer balls, and that is a time savings as well, in not having to reset and keep checking.

You can use Willow’s Wool Dryer Balls for all your laundry. You simply toss 2-3 balls in your wet dryer and start. There is no need to remove them from your dryer, just reuse for years! What a cost savings. You can even put a drop of essential oil directly on the wool  ball if you wish to scent your clothes.

Every Day Willow’s dryer balls are Made in the USA with 100% wool. They come in a 3 pack of assorted colors.


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