Flora Bright Papaya Nat. Bleach (Tsunami Wave)


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Toxicology books report that chlorine is “toxic as a skin irritant and by inhalation”. Even though the amount of fumes released by laundry bleach is within recognized safety limits, many people have adverse reactions to chlorine fumes at these low levels, and even to the chlorine residues left in fabrics after laundering. With our houses better insulated now-a-days, the fumes add to our indoor air pollution as well.

Tsunami Wave is an all natural alternative to bleach and chemical spot removers. It can be added to your wash load to brighten whites and intensify the cleaning action on all clothes. It can be used as a pre-wash for stubborn stains or heavily soiled clothes, or as a spot cleaner. Tsunami Wave is highly concentrated, when used at the maximum amount one bottle will treat about 96 washer loads. It is safe for all fabrics.

Tsunami Wave comes in a 32oz. bottle.


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