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Wonderful Service, Excellent Products

I made two separate purchase of Council Tools Axes: Woodcraft Pack Axe, and a 5# Splitting Axe.

On both occasion I received prompt delivery and good customer service.

With regards to the products, they were both usable out of the box. In the case of the Pack axe, it could use a sharper edge (debatable), though personally I like it as is since I get more utility doing splitting and chopping than using it for feather sticks (I can use my knife for that). In any case it would be a breeze to hone the edge further.

The splitting axe turned out to be a beast. I got the short handle version and since I’m tall I have to be conscious of my arch trajectory on the downswing but in exchange I get fantastic control. It splits better than any mall I’ve ever used. This is an axe for experienced axe folks only: as I said, it is a beast, very sharp and with the head weight, when it gets going it keeps on going. I am very pleased with the products and the personalized service. Buy with confidence.

Sam Watson

Thank you!

Thank you! I’m very grateful for your prompt delivery of the axe I purchased from you. VERY professional service and a fair price for good quality. I respect that kind of business greatly. I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. Thanks again, respectfully, Rev. E. T.

Thank you again

I was was on the phone with Noel today, and what a great company that really takes care of their customers. I had ordered 4 washing tubs and stands with wringers for use at a homeless shelter. One of the double tubs were outside and we had a really cold winter and the hoses weren’t opened which would drain any water that accumulated in the tubs. So the water froze inside both tubs and expanded causing leaks. It was totally our fault for not noticing the hoses were not in their proper place for draining. Noel was very kind and understanding and sent 2 replacement tubs without charging. It was very kind and unexpected. They have been so great to deal with and to work with someone that really cares was a above and beyond. Thank you again Noel, Mark Montgomery

Mark Montgomery
Canyon Hideout

Thanks Wisemen’s

Wanted to add this short note to say “Thanks” to all of you at Wisemen’s …..I rec’d the Hudson’s Bay (new style) today and it was STELLAR !…..the Grain on the Haft is absolutely Straight and the general craftsmanship is outstanding. You Folks are now my “Axe People” ….special Shout out to Xerxes who took my orders, and did a wonderful job putting up with my Fussyness…..Thanks Xerxes !

take care people and God Bless you every one….



Wisemen Trading is absolutely top notch

I have never received the level of customer service that you offer! Wisemen Trading is absolutely top notch!
To say your shipping is fast doesn’t say enough, I literally placed an order and 30 minutes later I have a tracking number! I will continue to be a loyal customer and I love that you give the glory to God!


Would definately recommend

We were looking for an electric butter churn. We could find all kinds of older used models and a few new but nothing that really interested us. We did not want a “vintage” churn that we would not be able to find parts for or a new churn with a plastic agitator. We then came across the Buttermeister from your company. I called and talked to one of your representatives who was very courteous and helpful.
Once we ordered the 2 1/2 gallon churn it was shipped the same day and arrived within 2 days. We are very pleased with the service and the quality of this churn. The agitator is stainless steel and the unit is smooth and quiet. I would definitely recommend your company and your electric churn to anyone. Thank you for your outstanding service.

Ronald Hill
Haven Hill Farm

Good job of packing

Thank you for going to such care with my order. I received it [a crock] today.
The outer box was banged up but you did such a good job of packing that the
inner box was in perfect condition. Sincerely,


I won’t hesitate to recommend you

I just received the axe (Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe) I ordered on Thursday. I requested a hand select and couldn’t be happier with the axe received. Additionally, your prompt shipping and professional customer service was excellent and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for the products you offer. As a hunter, camper, outdoorsman and soldier, I will be utilizing your company in the future.

Take Care an God Bless,


Great service!

 I just wanted to thank you for such prompt service. Great job excellent products at a good price and excellent service. I look forward to doing business again with Wisemen Trading.
Thank you,

I feel like I’ve stepped back to the early 20th century

My slip arrived yesterday. I love it . The girl I spoke to said that some people think it might look to homemade! That’s what’s so great . I’ve looked for a long time for something like this it’s so simple and elegant if that makes sense. I can’t stand the stuff that’s for sale either one must be a size 1 or a street walker to even want what I saw on -line. I feel like I’ve stepped back to the early 20th century which is exactly was I wanted. The top is great it’s flattering and so comfortable. Now if I can just talk the lady that makes these into making sun dresses !


Great service!

Best price and fast shipping, now that I found you I will be back.


May God Bless you every day

I was looking for a newer non-antique wooden butter churn when I came across your
website and I just loved the “fear of Jehovah” quotation inside the fish. Makes me
think of all the good and God loving people in this Country who are in good honest
business – called Capitalism !!
May God Bless you every day.


They turn out perfectly every time

Thank you so much for sending them and the good service that you don’t see everyday. We just love making pickles and with your product, it is easy, and they turn out perfectly every time.


I will certainly recommend your business

I received my Council Tools camp axe and it was in  perfect condition. The shipping was very fast and the price was the best I found. I will certainly recommend your business to others. Thank you.



I ordered a Helko Vario 2000 splitting maul. You all had the best price on the internet for this great product. It arrived super fast and very well packed.

I’m a first time customer and will definately be back for more.

Thanks again,

Jeff Rainey

Jeff Rainey
Nanberry Knob Farms

Look forward to buying more

Just wanted to thank you for speedy delivery. This is my 2nd purchase. Look forward to buying more.


You’re the best

Thanks guys! You’re the best :)

I WILL BE a returning customer!

Just wanted to say first time customer here and THANK YOU! Recently purchased a tops knife from you and appreciate the quick shipping and great prices..I WILL BE a returning customer!


I have been pleased to deal with your company

This is to let you know that my Freeplay radio arrived in fine working condition today.
Thank you very much.
I have been pleased to deal with your company, and would happily do so again.

Best wishes,


I will recommend WISEMEN to anyone

About your service, I have ordered from you several times and couldn`t be
VERY fast service, good prices. I will recommend WISEMEN to anyone. I wish
there were more companies like yours. THANK YOU,

J. F.

Hope to continue ordering more as I need!

I’m glad I found you on the web,finding the Corona was exciting,and best of
all–you share a Christian
brothehood business..—hope to continue ordering more as I need!

B. H.

Great Knife, Great Price, Fast

Great Knife, Great Price, Fast Shipping- Thanks

Rustin Stokes

Arrived in great shape

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent order. I
placed an internet order on Tuesday and it arrived yesterday evening. It
was exactly what I ordered and arrived in great shape.

I am very satisfied

I just wanted to say thank you for my purchase and let you know that it has been delivered. I am very satisfied.

Yours sincerely,

W.J. S.

You guys are fast at shipping and awesome!!!

I got my Pickling Crock yesterday and WOW!! You guys are fast at shipping and awesome!!! †Thank you very much! I can’t wait to start a new batch of Kraut this weekend!!!!!!

Thanks again!!


You get an A+ from me.

I left a good review of the product.

I found the letter enclosed with the mobile washer quite interesting. I was at first puzzled by the multiple kinds of paper used as packing, but I smoothed out all but the shredded newspaper and folded for reuse. THEN I read your letter. I felt a really kindred spirit.

Keep on reusing boxes, packing paper, and such. You get an A+ from me.


Very impressed!I googled the item

Very impressed!

I googled the item I was looking for and thankfully, it was YOU who had it available! Not only am I pleased with how quickly the item arrived (5 days), but I actually feel blessed by the note that was enclosed! “Dear Friend,”…. I WON’T give any more information ~ order an item and receive your OWN “Dear Friend” note. Thank you for your service, kind words and thoughtful business practices!

Jean Frank

I will think fondly of your craftsmen

I just want to thank you for the quality of workmanship on my Sauerkraut
Not only is it beautiful but it made putting up my 2 gallons of
Sauerkraut effortless.
I am now working on a batch of Kim chi and no longer dread the process
of stomping the cabbage.
I will think fondly of your craftsmen with every batch I make in the future.
Have a blessed new year.


Quality Product/Fast Shipping

We have ordered several “bucket buster” pail openers over the past few years. Always a quality product and received very quickly. Pricing is good. I like that they send a note with orders and reuse packaging.

Satisfied Customer

Sarah Wilson

I really appreciate your dedication

I just wanted to say I really appreciate your dedication to delivering quality products and also being so environmentally conscious as well. I also believe in growing organically and also rely on word of mouth for all of my business endeavors. Thanks so much for your help and I will be telling my friends about y’all!


Thanks we will deal again

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your great products and service. Received our pie irons and bread sticks today, thanks for the quick service.
Thanks we will deal again

G. & R. R.

Absolutely an amazing product

I just want to take this time to let you know that the cabbage stomper I purchased thru your company is absolutely an amazing product. I just finished making our first batch of sauerkraut and it made it so much easier.
The quality and workmanship of this product is excellent and I will be telling everyone about it. Not too many people make their own sauerkraut these days but if they only knew how easy it is, I am sure more would be makng it. Your stomper is beautiful and feels great in the hand. you did an amazing job! Worth every penny I paid for it! Thank you! J.B.

Thank you very much

I was not really expecting the portaging yoke I ordered Wednesday to
show up this week, but it is here. Now all I have to do is wait for the
ice to go out.
Thank you very much.

Thanks very much for the quick service

I received the waffle iron in the mail today, and it looks to be in fine shape. Thanks very much for the quick service and the fine product.
Be well


Great price

Thanks for a great product at a great price,


Happy International Customer

Fast communication and delivery to the other side of the world. Such a great experience I want to look for something else to buy!
Thanks for the service.

Terry, NZ

Thank you!

On August 10th, we ordered 25 Morgan Silver dollars from Wiseman Trading and received them today. We are extremely happy with the condition of the coins and your FAST TURN AROUND TIME from order date to receipt of the merchandise!
Your Christian values are reflected in your performance.
Thank you again and God bless!


You guys are awesome

I received my 2021 Council Tool Hudson Bay axe on a 24″ handle. It is awesome.
You guys are awesome.
Thank you!


I tell everyone about you

You guys are awesome! Just thought you should know–we got our order lickity split and I love that you reuse packaging to ship. I tell everyone about you and hope it is driving sales your way. Have a great day!

thanks – everything received!
best regards


Quick shipping

Thank you for your response and quick shipping. Everything arrived today in fine order.Thank you again!


You will certainly get further business

I just received my 1 gallon can of Ballistol that was purchased from your company. In these crazy times we need some positivity, and your company deserves it. Your prices were great, your shipping reasonable, and my order was processed very quickly.
You will certainly get further business from me and I will spread the word.
Thanks again and all of you stay safe.


Ordered a Helko Rheinland Hatchet. Appreciate the help on the phone, quick shipment, & good pricing. Axe looks great, looking forward to taking it to the throwing range next week.

Brody Rosenfeld

Its been a pleasure dealing with you folks.

I received my KME sharpening system last Thursday and had a chance to try it out on the weekend, it’s an awesome system with very sharp results lol. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of your time and help.
Its been a pleasure dealing with you folks.


All I can say is “Wow!”

All I can say is “Wow!” And thank you.  This axe far exceeds my expectations. Great handle wood grain and grind on the axe head.  I couldn’t have asked for more.


I received my hults bruk

I received my hults bruk aneby axe today and it is great. Really satisfied with my purchase and wisemen trading post. My first purchase from them. They got my order out and to me quickly.

Jonathan wagner

These guys are awesome!

 They had exactly the products I was looking for, at an excellent price, and with free shipping! And they had the package to FedEx the very same day! Also, despite their “recycled” shipping box (the box was actually in better condition than a lot I’ve received) it was one of the best packing jobs I’ve seen. The inner boxes were in pristine condition and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I’ll definitely shop here again, and refer everyone I can to you!


You now have a customer for life!

Thank you for taking the time to do this, it means a lot, trust me. You now have a customer for life! I will have to look into your other products, I only looked up the hatchet in an online search. You guys are going above and beyond the duty for great customer service, which is few and far between these days.

Again, thank you.

I like the lights

Got my order. I like the lights I had 2 of the older ones and the new ones are much brighter.

R/Sam C

First order with Wisemen. I

First order with Wisemen. I will definitely order from them again. The Arvika 5 Star Racing Axe is the axe I should have bought in the first place. There’s nothing like a tool doing what it’s supposed to do.

Duane Heins

Great service

MOST professional and courteous service I ever encountered. I am new to acquiring actually quality pertinent gear because wal mart is all made in China trash and I had to call in to confirm that it was actually the item I was researching because it was a good price compared to what I heard elsewhere and you can tell they really care about their job … Thank U guys… I’m the dude who ordered a tracker from CA, God bless Your business


Keep up the good work

I found your store while looking for a Picklemeister on line.
I hope to order more in the future.
Keep up the good work.


It’s truly a work of art.

Just a quick note to express how happy I am with my wooden “Sauerkraut Stomper”  (24 inch maple). My first thought when I opened the box and saw the stomper was it’s truly a work of art. Didn’t really expect that it would be so well made! If possible, please pass this on to those who make such a work of art!


Thank you for your services

Just wanted to let you know we love our butter churn, and it is a lot
quieter than the blenders running. Thank you for your services and thank
you for being a Christian company.
Have a joyous day.

S. and G. S.

I am exceedingly satisfied

I received my Rapid Washer today and I am exceedingly satisfied with my
purchase, thanks to your wonderful business, packaging and service.

I will be ordering again,

Thank you,

G. E.

My experience.

Hello! I want to thank you for being a hardworking small business. The business I’ve done with wise men can only be described as extraordinary. Lightning fast shipping and keeping Christ first. I will most definitely be a lifetime customer. Thank you again and I look forward to future purchases.


My order arrived a day sooner than expected

My order arrived a day sooner than expected and everything was perfect.  Good quality motor for my old Sierra stove, and the accessories that came were very well made.

The stuff was packed in shredded cardboard that looks like trash.  This stuff is an amazing fire starter  !!!   Send me all you have of this stuff, any time you want.


Came in quicker than expected

The Churn works great. Thank you for the easy process of searching & ordering.
The Churn came in quicker than expected.


Super reasonable price

Hi, I wanted to say that I love the product and the shipping was fast. I am so happy to have found this product at a super reasonable price. I was searching forever on the internet and could not find one until I found yours. I wanted to leave a review, but I don’t know where I can leave one at.

Thanks for the great service

My order arrived yesterday! I couldn’t be happier!!! The sinks are exactly what I wanted & seem to be of good quality.
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the great service. I will be happy to share my experience with everyone I know.



I am delighted with my order

I have just received my order from your company and I am delighted with my order and the way it was handled. I will buy from your company again. Thank you for your quick and professional service…..


Thanks for the great service

Just an FYI…the order arrived, thanks for the great service and fast shipment.


It looks great

I received my axe today. It looks great and was intact and packed very well. Thank you for providing this for me.


I just wanted to thank you

I just wanted to thank you for your stellar service and quality
product. I ordered the walnut Sauerkraut Masher, it is beautiful. Now
you know what I will be doing this spring while sheltering in place.
Stay healthy!


Made wonderful waffles for breakfast

Thanks, we received our waffle iron the other day, and made wonderful waffles for breakfast yesterday. My husband’s mother made waffles on a similarly designed iron probably 60 years ago – it’s a piece of nostalgia for him and it makes great waffles. Thanks so much.


Your online store is incredible. Thank you so much; just
placed my first order with you.

Best regards,


Thank you

Hi, received the stomper today, thank you for the quick service.


Very pleased

Received the Wetterlings Hatchet today, very pleased.


Could not be happier

Thanks so much I recieved my mini hatchet today and could not be happier
thanks so much and may God bless you as well.

Keep up the great work

I just received my Helko pack axe today and very happy with it. You have a great web site and the you tube videos / customer service is why I will buy again. Keep up the great work.

Thank you!

Just a quick note of thanks about the personal phone call I received yesterday to answer my question about timing of shipping of the sink and faucet I ordered yesterday morning. Your customer service in that moment is to be commended and gave me exactly the peace of mind I needed. Thank you for focusing on customers!

Many thanks,

soon to be new proud owner of a galvanized tub and lovely faucet



I recently purchased 3, Marbles, Hunters Axes from you. I was shopping for that very item, and came upon your site. On the opening page, you proclaimed the name of Jesus as the master of your business and I was ready to do business with you!! You had the product, as well as the best price, and shipped the item in record time ( I think). I appreciated the “note” that came in the box also…..great touch!! Thank you so much for just “bringing it”……..and doing it in Jesus name!! Praise the Lord !!! My personal praise to you and your business……indeed outstanding!

Thinking about getting a couple more from you soon.


Better quality than I imagined

received my order today

thank you, all is here in good order and condition

very good products,,,better quality than I imagined

thank you so much grand children will be happy

many weiner roasts and marshmellow burns to come


Thanks for such fast shipping!

I just received my GB mini belt hatchet today. I love it! Thanks for such fast shipping!

Your awesome

Hey there, your awesome, thank you!
Enjoy this beautiful day!!! :)


Very nice product

Received it yesterday (Thursday) and it appears in perfect condition.

Very nice product – has the appearance of an antique. I mean, it looks like something that might have been made a hundred years ago. Old world style.

Thank you for your excellent service.


I wanted to thank you

I wanted to thank you, again, for your careful packaging and prompt delivery of my order.
These two little axes will go with me (not at the same time!) in my bucksaw sling when I am
out on the woods for day hikes, or trail clearing.  Absolutely love them, and I can’t believe
I missed them before.
Also, thank you for the superb line of products you offer.  It must, indeed, be fulfilling to be
the purveyors of so many wonderful tools and gear.  Your videos speak to the enjoyment;
yet these videos simultaneously share the enjoyment, as well.
Many is the cold mid-winter night here in New England that I am not outside braving the
single digit temperatures, but your films bring the natural world inside, and along with
that, the hope another day will dawn warmer and get me out there too.
Best regards to you all,

Just received my Helle Alden

Just received my Helle Alden knife. Thank you for the super fast shipping! Great service, I heartily recommend Wiseman Trading for your outdoor purchases!

Jeff B

I just wanted to say thank you…

I just wanted to say thank you for being a great company. I love my Council Tool 5# splitting axe. I love it even more that it came from a great company with great employees. Thank you. God bless.


Thank you for the quick delivery.

I ordered a Helko Rheinland Hatchet from y’all last week and I wanted to thank you for the quick delivery. The hatchet arrived well packaged, and with a little fine tuning of the edge it’s just the way I like my cutting tools; very sharp!
I’m glad I happened to find Wisemen Trading & Supply online, it’s difficult to find business these days that aren’t ashamed to be Christians!


Great selection of products

It looks like you have
a great selection of products.



Thank you for the excellent service

My axe showed up a day ahead of schedule and is a real beauty. Thank you for the excellent service and rocketship fast shipping.


Many thanks

Just got home and the zip stove was at my door, checked everything out, looks good fan works…….

many thanks, will pass your website on to other preppers, and our Zombie Hunter group.

again many thanks


Very efficient service

My wringer has arrived. Thank you for the very efficient service.


Really great price and fast shipping

Hi wisementrading, just wanted to let you know that I received my Makara and it is great! Really great price and fast shipping. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you.


I will definitely be ordering from you again

Today I received my Council Tool Camp Carver that I ordered from you on Friday.  I was skeptical of ordering an axe online because I wasn’t sure what I was going to get… but you sent me an absolute beaut!  I can’t wait to build a fire with it tonight and really put it to work this weekend. And the fact that you had completed the order an hour after I submitting it and got the axe to me this quickly is very impressive and appreciated!

Thank you for your time and dedication! I will definitely be ordering from you again and will recommend you to my friends/family and the students of my survival school

I like your site

I just want to say, Praise the LORD! and I like your site.


I will be ordering from you again

Hi! Thank you for everything! Got the picklemeister in the mail yesterday. I will be ordering from you again!
Have a wonderful day!

Will be recommending your store

The axe arrived yesterday. Turnaround was fast and arrived sooner than I had expected. Packaging was well and secure, axe is in excellent shape. Very satisfied with my first purchase, will be recommending your store in the future.

I look forward to doing business with you again

This was my first order with you but it will certainly not be my last. I
will also let my friends know about your company and the high quality of
service you provide. Thank you very much and I look forward to doing
business with you again.

Best purchase I’ve ever made!

Thanks so much for selling such a wonderful product at such an affordable price! Top quality crock!! I’m impressed with such speedy delivery and the fact that there are still decent, honest, God fearing Americans that are selling top quality products online! Thank you and praise Jesus!!!!! I will be directing all the people in my life to shop at your website. Thanks again glory to God!


Would not hesitate to recommend Wisemen Trading

I ordered the amish canner over the phone. I looked at the SAME
canner on 2 other websites and Wisemen Trading beat both prices by a long
shot! I recieved it today and its exactly what I was expecting. It arrived
on the exact day I was told it would arrive. I asked the person who
answered the phone some very pionted questions and he answered them
very confidently and as it turns out, accurately. I could not be more
pleased with the service or the product and would not hesitate to recommend
Wisemen Trading to anyone who asked about any product you sale.


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