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T Wave Ceramic Laundry Discs by Tsunami Wave

Turbo Discs replace ordinary laundry detergents. They break up the water molecules into smaller particles increasing its ability to penetrate the cloth frabric, lift out dirt particles and give you clean, fresh clothes. They are pricey up front, but are work horses for years. Our family of 10 have been using a set for 4 years now and they are still going strong, obviously one of the most economical purchases we ever made. They advertise as being good for up to 700 wash loads (approx. 2 years), but ours far outdid that. Cost savings is not the only advantage gained from turbo discs. Detergents can be hard on fabrics and your health. The turbo discs actually increase fabric life by cleaning naturally. Your colors will be brighter and your clothes will last longer. Also, you will have no harsh detergent residues left on your clothes in contact with your skin. These detergent residues trapped in your clothing can cause rashes and irrition as they accumulate in clothing. Detergents can also contribute to indoor air pollution and allergies associated with it. To use discs, you simply load your clothes in the washer, put a disc on top of the clothing, start the washing machine, and leave the disc in for the entire wash and rinse cycle. You use the same temperatures and wash cycles you are accustomed to.


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