Pie Irons

Pie Irons are a wonderful and versatile way to cook in camp. What you can cook in these is only limited by your imagination and creativity. Children love cooking their individual serving by themselves. The following offers some suggestions on how to put your pie iron to use on your next campfire, and don’t forget they work great in fire places, on wood stoves, on grills, and even on your kitchen range.

Makes reuben sandwiches, pizza pies, grilled cheese, calzones, scrambled eggs, chocolate croissants.

Cooks fruit pies, hot desserts, pudgy pies, hot ham and cheese, jelly pies, tuna melts.

Fries potatoes and onions, eggs, hamburgers, omelets, meat loaf, pork chops, hot dogs, and bratwurst.

Grills french toast, sausages, steak, sloppy joes, rocky road treats.

Bakes rolls, pies, cornbread, biscuits, empanadas, seafood and fish.

Toasts breads, s’mores, tortillas, camp treats, bagels and much more!

Pie Irons are affectionately called by various names including: Pudgie Pies, Mountain Pies, Hobo Pies, Sandwich cookers, and Pie Shams. In the U.K. pie iron style sandwiches are known as Toasties, and in Cuba and throughout FL as “Sandwich Cubano”. Australians call them Jaffle Irons and Italians call them Panini Grills. Whatever you call them, they make for a fun family cooking adventure, and provide delicious meals and easily portable finger foods and snacks. Have fun calling them what feels good to you, and enjoy the fruits of their use.

Be sure to check out our handy Camp Fire Stick Stands for a place to rest your hot Pie Irons!

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