Organic Lavender Herbal Dryer Bags


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These Starwest Organic Laundry Bags  were created in an effort to rid our homes of toxic chemicals and protect our families. These Lavender Dryer Scents are a wonderful alternative to dryer sheets for those with chemical sensitivity or those desiring healthier indoor air quality.

Starwest creates these herbal dryer scents using pure, natural, organic  ingredients that are not only safe for the environment, but beneficial for the whole family. Starwest uses historical tradition and creative inspiration in their Lavender herbal dryer scents. Long ago, many homes had lavender bushes planted outside their laundry doors and as their clothing and linens dried, the fresh fragrance of lavender would scent them.

The fragrant herbs in Starwest Dryer Scents are contained in a permeable, tea-bag-like envelope that allows warm air from your dryer to circulate freely around the herbs. Toss one bag in with your dryer load of clothes for that gentle soothing lavender scent.

These organic lavender dryer bags come packed 24 in a polyfoil, barrier seal bag. Each one can be used for up to 10 dryer cycles each. This lets you replace 240 dryer sheets! After the last dryer cycle you can recycle the sachet by ripping it open and scattering the herbs on your carpet, and then vacuuming to scent your home as you clean. The approximate size of each Starwest Dryer Bag is 3.5″ W x 5″ H.


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