Fire-Stick Stands


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Fire-Stick Stands

For Your Hot Dog Forks and Pie Irons

We’ve solved the dilemma of what to do with your pie irons and hot dog forks between, and after, roasting your dogs while you partake of your perfectly fire-roasted delight. These high quality hardwood fire-stick stands are the perfect accompaniment for your pie irons and hot dog forks. They are fine sanded and attractive. With your fire stick stand along on your next camping trip you’ll no longer have to wonder where to set that hot stick. They are wonderful at home around the fire place as well, and at picnics, barbeques, or wherever you are able to enjoy the delights of fire cooking. Sometimes the simplest solutions are some of the best. These fire cooking stands sure provide convenience to your fire cooking. No more dirt and sand on your stick, meaning no more gritty hot dogs and marshmallows. No more melted and charred tablecloths, and tables from fire-hot utensils.

Pie Iron Stands:

These accommodate all sizes of pie irons; from double pie irons, to waffle and wilderness hamburger grillers. After cooking, you simply open the iron and set it spread eagle on the stand, giving you easy access to your food, as well as a place for your pie iron to repose until put into service again. At that time they are easy to reload. The length in service will be approximately equal to the length of the open pie iron you are using.

Hot Dog Stick Stands:

These stands accommodate two sticks of your choice (Bread and BiscuitSafe-T, Super Doggers, Rome’s Extension Fork, etc.). Fresh from the fire your hot dog forks repose side by side with the grip end in a recess, while the upper stick fits in a groove, and your food reclines in easy access position. The fork is ready to reload with ease at your pleasure. The length in use will be approximately the length of the fire stick you are using.


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