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To supplement traditional camp-cooking tools such as the hot dog roaster & pie iron, we now offer fireside cooking with a gourmet flare with Rome’s Panini Press designed for barbecue grills, fire pits and hearth, as well as, stovetop use. Now you can savor Italy’s flavor bursting, pressed sandwiches; Panini, fresh off your campfire. Panini is the Italian name for sandwich, however it is always used in reference to sandwiches prepared in a two-sided cooking press that compresses & grills the sandwich until hot & toasted. While traditional pie irons are designed to crimp the sandwich bread, the Panini uniformly compresses the sandwich as it is toasted without the bread or ingredients being trimmed by the edge of the cooker. To create your fireside Panini try breads such as Ciabatta rolls, Focaeia or Baguette – sliced open & filled with your choice of vegetables, cheese or meats creating a wonderful balance of flavors as the Panini toasts!

Rome’s campfire Panini Irons feature a large 8″X4″ cooking surface, and are made of heavy cast iron to insure uniform and solid pressure on the sandwich as it toasts. To use, you simply place your sandwich inside the open cavity of the cooker, close the lid, and place on a BBQ grill or stovetop burner. After a few minutes of toasting, flip the Panini Press over and continue cooking until the sandwich is hot and toasted.

The Panini press features shorter handles than regular campfire pie irons (22″ instead of 28″ overall length) making them convenient for grill and stovetop use as well. The rods unscrew for easy cleanup and storage. The Panini press comes with a 5 year warranty.


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