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Grilliput Mobile Kitchen

Imagine having a grill so compact and portable that it fits easily into your daypack, backpack accessory pocket, hand bag, glove compartment, or even your pants or vest pocket.

Now you can have just that with the world’s smallest “mobile kitchen”. The Grilliput transforms from 11″ X 0.9″ flute sized when packed away, to a 9″ X 10″ all stainless steel grill capable of producing trail-side or back-yard meals for you and several family members or friends.

The Grilliput’s self storing design allows all of its components to fit within itself, making it great for backpackers, campers, hunters and fisherman. It can be stored in a tackle box, ready to cook the days catch. The Grilliput’s always ready; never in the way design also makes it easy to store in a glove box, trunk or emergency kit to provide you with a reliable cooking instrument.

The high quality stainless steel construction is made to last a lifetime. It is not harmed by water, making it great for canoe, kayak or rafting expeditions. Its 20oz weight means you won’t mind taking it along even if your plans include a few portages. The built-in cleaning groove makes clean up a snap (or a slide!) so you are back on the trail in no time. The Grilliput is dishwasher safe for fast clean up after a backyard barbeque as well.

Outdoor camp cooking is always exciting, and we were delighted to see this innovative new addition to the outdoor pantry. It is sure to make folks ooh and aah when you pull it out to grill up dinner.

UCO Compact Firebowl – Accessory for Grilliput or other Grills

The UCO Compact Firebowl is a perfect accompaniment for your camp grill; storing wood, coal or other fuel, and containing the fire when you barbeque on the trail. The Fire Bowl helps you barbeque safely just about anywhere, whether it is on your deck or in the wild. With many National Parks prohibiting open fires on the ground, the compact firebowl protects the environment, and meets regulations by keeping your fire off the ground.

The UCO Compact Firebowl is crafted of sturdy stainless steel construction, and made to last. It is collapsible for easy transportation and storage. It weighs 9.4oz, with a 7 in. dia. closed, and 11.5″ dia. open. The Firebowl is 3″ in height.

The UCO Compact Firebowl is a small, but mighty addition to your camping gear increasing both your efficiency and fun!!!

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