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Rome Outdoor Pizza Grill

The folks at Rome have come up with a new way to provide you with campside meals, and the making of lasting memories. What better way to do so then adding that favorite meal of pizza to your next camping menu with Rome’s Outdoor Pizza Grill – A Backwoods Pizza Party!

Your wood-fired pizza can be cooked over a campfire, fire pit, or bbq. Your pizza can be frozen, store brought, or homemade; as simple, or as elaborate as your family tradition, or the time and situation dictate.

Rome’s Outdoor Pizza Grill has a 14″ diameter cooking surface, and is 29″ in overall length including the long handle. It is constructed of quality chrome plated steel.

To cook your campfire pizza you simply place it on Rome’s Pizza Grill’s surface, and cover completely (top and bottom) with aluminum foil. The unique raised edges of the pizza grill hold the foil a few inches over the surface of the pizza, creating an oven effect, and promoting even heat distribution. What an exciting, and yet simple design. Finally place your pizza laden grill over your campfire and cook. Instructions with details for frozen and uncooked dough are included on the packaging card.

There you have your Backwoods Pizza Party, with your outdoor Pizza Grill, compliments of the generations of camping enthusiasts at Rome Industries. To learn more about the “Rome Family” serving your family, see their Pie IronPopcorn PopperCooking Forks and Outdoor Cookbooks.

Additional thought: The Rome Outdoor Pizza Grill really simulates an oven, so let your imagination and creativity explore the tremendous potential.

Rome's Pizza Grill

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