Suntap 4-way Power Am/fm Light


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Suntap Ultras come with the super bonus of both AC and Car Adapters included, providing you with what you need to stay prepared in whatever situation you may find. The Suntap Ultra now also includes a coupon for a free “charge-out adapter”. This wonderful little device looks like the cigarette lighter in your car, and allows you to crank-up your cell phone or other devices fast. Because it uses a standard cigarette lighter plug you don’t have to worry about finding the correct adapter cable for every device you would like to charge.

The Sun Tap is constructed with an attractive all weather case sporting a convenient carrying handle. The curved solar panel on the top of the handle is always charging, even with indoor room lights. Solar Power provides the main source of energy with Suntap’s “never need batteries again technology”, but you always have your 4 back up power sources.

The Ultra stores this power in an internal non-memory energy cell for immediate or later use. This non-memory cell is not like a regular or a rechargeable Ni-Cad battery that has a memory. That means this cell doesn’t have to be fully discharged before it is recharged, giving it a much longer life.

The Sun Tap Ultra now sports a super efficient, long life triple LED bulb, giving you ultra bright light and ultra long shine times. The flashlight can be used as a lantern by pulling out the outer rim around the lamp.

The AM/FM radio has a frequency range of 88-108 MHZ (FM) and 525-1620 KHZ (AM) plus the 10 channel weather band. The SunTap Combo radio has a 360° swivel antenna, and a hifi speaker for crisp quality sound. It also provides a wonderfully convenient intella auto switching system. This allows the SunTap to automatically use any of its available power sources without your inconvenience of manually switching. Its dynamo has an oversized crank making winding easy The Sun tap Ultra’s new 3 phase generator provides you double the power of previous models. This gives you twice the shine or listening time per crank! Sun Star’s, Sun Tap comes with Red LED low power, and Green LED power charging indicators.

With that said, the Sun Tap Combo is wonderfully self contained with its solar power and hand crank, making it an incredibly dependable tool for camping, fishing, hunting, any indoor or outdoor sports, emergencies or blackouts. It is also environmentally friendly, helping to reduce the pile of dead batteries that must be dealt with. Sun Tap Combo is 9 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ X 4 1/2″. It comes with a coupon for free earphones when you send in your warrenty registration.


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