Eternal Lite Led Flashlight


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The Eternal Lite has 5 LEDs to give you bright light wherever you need it. It has an emergency siren mode as well. We are really excited about the Eternal Lite’s 3-Phase Dynamo Generator Rip Cord Charger. That’s because this Fishing Line Pull Style Dynamo not only provides easier winding, but also gives you 9 times more power than regular dynamo chargers. Just 1 minute of cranking gets you over 3 hours of 5X LED light! Add to that the Eternal Lite’s 100,000 hour LED life and internal non-memory energy cell, and you have a remarkable light that fits in the plam of your hand. Unlike regular or rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries which have a memory, the Eternal Lite’s cell doesn’t have to be fully discharged before it is recharged, giving it a much longer life. Plus you can also charge the Eternal Lite via AC or DC cigarette lighter adaptors (not included). But that’s not all, it can also charge out to other devices like cell phones, etc. (mail-in adapter offer enclosed) with that full 9 X power. The compact size and non-slip hand grips make this flashlight a joy to use. An LED charge indicator and dynamo cover add to the convenience. It has an all weather case and a nylon carrying handle. It measures 4.875″L x 2″W x 2″H, and weighs only 6 ozs.


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