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The Perfect Pickler

Perfect Pickler Pickle Maker with Air LockThe Perfect Pickler makes easy work of turning just about any vegetable into delicious, healthful, traditionally fermented pickles, and it will do it in just 4 days compared to several weeks in conventional crocks. With the Perfect Pickler your pickles are made in a sealed container, with an “air lock” on top, to allow fermenting gases to escape, but won’t allow outside air in. This keeps your pickles cleaner. I love making pickles in the Perfect Pickler because it is so easy. The Perfect Pickler allows everyone the chance to have fresh fermented foods all the time. It is smaller and lighter than most stone crocks, yet produces very similar results. Its smaller size makes it easy to have more than one going at a time, allowing you to have different vegetables without the hassle of large quantities, and large crocks taking up space. The Perfect Pickler does not take the place of stoneware crocks, but it does give you more versatility with its size. It makes great Sauerkraut, as well as, just about any other fermented foods. The Perfect Pickler’s plastic jar holds 64 oz.

What a great kitchen tool for every day macrobiotic meals, or aiding those with digestive challenges in need of those vital enzymes and probiotics.

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