Wooden Mandolin Cabbage Slicer


This is an open box item in like new condition. Packaging my have some damage.

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Wooden Box Cabbage Slicer / Krauthobel

These cabbage slicers are the old kitchen standbys used by generations of women who lovingly provided larders full of bounty for their families. They are the authentic Krauthobel, an old world utensil with a sliding box, traditionally used for making slaw and sauerkraut. Indeed, they make slicing quantities of cabbage an easy chore. Now-a-days with many folks desiring the health benefits of fermented vegetables they are regaining popularity as a wonderful tool for the healthful kitchen. You just drop your cabbage or lettuce head into the slidebox, and slide back and forth with ease. These 9″ X 23.5″ cabbage slicers are finely hand crafted with three razor sharp (17/10 stainless steel) cutting blades to get the job done. Made in China


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