Bron Slicer/Grater Mandolin SS



Bron Mandoline Cabbage & Vegetable Slicer

These quality mandoline vegetable slicers are constructed of stainless steel and designed to require only minimal maintenance & easy clean up. The mandoline is ready for all your slicing needs:

  • Straight Slice to make potato crisps, souffle potatoes, gratin, vichy carrots from .3mm to .10mm thick.
  • Small sticks (french fries, straw potatoes, match stick potatoes, julienne vegetables, etc.)
  • Fluted cuts (lace-cuts, crinkle-cuts, scalloped slices, etc.)
  • Varied and decorative cuts (grooves, wavy-cut sticks, lace-cut slices, etc.)
  • Grating

The mandoline makes easy & creative work of your potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms, citrus fruit, kiwis & more. Whether for your party trays or just to make your family feel special tonight, the mandoline slicer makes your kitchen tasks easier & more enjoyable, producing mounds of colorful eye appealing and nutritious vegetable shapes in short order.

For those interested in the health benefits of fermented vegetables, the mandoline is a great compliment to your Harsh Crock helping you grate or slice for sauerkraut & other combinations, filling that crock with perfectly sliced or grated vegies easily & efficiently.

The mandoline is 16″ long & 4″ wide, & constructed for many years of performance. It comes with a handy Hand Guard for ease of use. Made in France


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