Fermentation glass Jar Weights 3 pack


two sizes, 2″ to fit a standard canning jar or 2 1/3″ to fit a wide mouth canning jar.
keep fermenting vegetables submerged under the brine.
Included 3 glass stones

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These were developed to keep the vegetables below the level of the liquid in the jar, which is really about the only cause of possible failure when using lacto fermenting preserving methods. There is approximately 1/2 ” space all around the margin of the weight where it does not cover the food. This is to allow the gas to come to the top and not get stuck under the weight. They are made of non iridized glass. Glass is known to be one of the most inert substances and should not leach chemicals into your Ferment. These weights are not meant to be heated in any way


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Sizes: 2-13-to-fit-a-wide-mouth-quart-jar

Sizes: 2-to-fit-a-standard-quart-jar