Wet Fire Tinder


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Wet FireTM tinder is the perfect accompaniment to any fire starter. Wet Fire Tinder burns at over 1300 degrees, yet cools almost instantly when snuffed out. A small pile of shavings is enough to start a campfire, warm your hands, or pre-heat a backpacking stove. They weigh 1.1 oz. per cube.

Wet Fire can help you get a blaze going even in challenging conditions such as a downpour or high winds. In fact, the tinder cubes actually burn longer when wet! Amazingly they will burn when floating in water.

These tinder cubes burn odorless, with no smoke and are non-toxic. They are easy to carry and not affected by wind or water. They are individually packaged in a light weight solid cube that can’t leak or foul your other gear.


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