Mayadust Firestarter In Tin


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Light My Fire’s MayaDust provides you an efficient and natural way to start a campfire. MayaDust is made from Pino De Ocote, a fatwood pine cultivated in the highlands of Guatemala and Mexico, and is manufactured according to Fair Trade guidelines.

MayaDust has an 80% resin content, making it easy to light even when wet, and producing an extremely hot flame to get your fire going even under adverse conditions. All these qualities come without petroleum products or other noxious elements to pollute you or your pristine campsite.

Your Maya Dust comes packed in a convenient waterproof, 1 oz, 3 inch diameter tin that can be popped into your pocket or backpack, and taken with you virtually unnoticed. Natural Maya Dust packs maximum heat energy for minimal weight.

Our fire strikers are a wonderful accompaniment to your Maya Dust.


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