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The Biggest Fermenting Mistakes People Commit

If you love sauerkraut that is readily available in your K&K Fermenting Crock, you need to consider few things to avoid any health issue. You must ensure that your sauerkraut is hygienic and 100% fit for your health. Keep in the consideration there is science behind fermenting the sauerkraut therefore you need to search well because doing it at your home. Number of people prepares sauerkraut at home and preserves it in a fermenting crock. Many people commit some serious mistakes while fermenting at home that you need to avoid. Following are some of the serious mistakes that people commit while fermenting the sauerkraut. All these suggestions are based on my personal sauerkraut preparing experience. Health and medical don’t have any concern about it.

Refrigerating Ferment too early

This is one of the most common and serious mistakes that people commit in the fermenting. People don’t wait for suitable time to transfer their fermenting to their refrigerator. Most of people don’t know that average temperature of a home is better than refrigerator in the initial phases. You can keep your fermenting crock 3-4 weeks in your room temperature that is more important to keep it in the refrigerator. It will help your sauerkraut to pass through 3 bacterial phases that are essential for fermenting. If you want to see the bacterial difference of your fermenting during this period, keep close eye on your K&K fermenting crock. Keep observing the dense impact of your sauerkraut from day 3 to day 28. You will find productive change in your sauerkraut that can be tested at lab.

Using Ordinary Crock for Fermenting

If you are using an ordinary pot for fermenting your sauerkraut, you are enemy of your health. The ordinary fermenting crocks let the oxygen enter into sauerkraut that is poison for the fermenting. When oxygen enters into a fermenting crock, it forms acetic acid that is known as vinegar in the simple language. I am sure we are not fermenting to prepare vinegar here. That’s why you need to use fermenting crocks that are especially designed for this purpose. They are well designed to keep oxygen away from fermenting that is essential for the final product. Some people ask me when we should consider that oxygen is entering in the fermenting crock. The people must keep in the consideration if your cabbage is showing brown or pink look, this will a red flag for you. Moreover, if the cabbage is molded, this also a sign of oxygen in the fermenting crock. Instantly change your jar if you find the situation like this.

Scraping the Mold to Eat

Most of people consider that scraping the mold from sauerkraut to eat further is safe and it is normal practice. Keep in the consideration that it is not safe. Some people argue that some cheeses are also available in the market with the mold and therefore scraping the mold and eating the rest is not harmful but they are wrong and you should not follow them at all.