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Usage of Stomper Preparing the Sauerkraut

Preparing sauerkraut is an easier task that can be performed even at home with ease and comfort. You need cabbage, salt, sauerkraut jar and a sauerkraut stomper and a knife. The first step is to clean cabbage by using small knife. Remove all ugly leaves of cabbage before starting preparing sauerkraut. It is so essential to preserve sauerkraut for a longer period of time. Many people commit a serious mistake while preparing the sauerkraut by using table salt. There are so many anti caking agents in the table salt that can affect your sauerkraut while preserving it for a longer period of time. Keep in the consideration that there is no special salt to add while preparing sauerkraut at home or at commercial basis. You can use simple sea salt to preparing your sauerkraut at home.

Calculating the weight of cabbage is important to add salt in the sauerkraut. Always weight the cabbage after cleaning process. Weighting the cabbage before cleaning can destroy the taste of your sauerkraut because you will not be able to manage the quantity of salt in the sauerkraut. Now it is time to chop the cabbage with wooden stomper. You can use any sauerkraut stomper but I suggest you to use wooden stomper. It makes your sauerkraut hygienic and does not impact the health of user. Try your best to mix the salt in each and every leaf of the cabbage and every piece. You must also keep in the consideration that sauerkraut stomper must be used gently so that the cabbage should not turn into paste. You can also use marble pestle or a wooden stomper depending upon the option you have at your home. I prefer wooden stomper and also recommend it to the others as it is hygienic to use while preparing the sauerkraut.

The purpose of the pounding the cabbage with the stomper is to make it soft to release enough water in the sauerkraut. You need moisturized cabbage instead of dry leaves of cabbage. Therefore stomped cabbage is the best to add for the further step. Different people have different views about pounding of the cabbage while preparing sauerkraut. Some believe you need to pound it so hard to convert it into past. On the other hand, some believe you need to pound it gently so that it could remain in its original shape. Whether you pound it hard with stomper or you work on it gently, you just need a moisturized cabbage for the preparation of sauerkraut. Now it is time to put this stomped cabbage into an appropriate jar. You can use a bowl available at your home or you can buy a specific sauerkraut jar available in the market. You must keep in your mind that cabbage will leave more water when it is preserved. Therefore keep 1/3 jar empty for the liquid and gas. Lid the jar but allow gas to come out of jar without any restriction. Wait for 4-6 weeks and have fun. Pokies, the Australian slang for slot machines, are now available for real money play across many online casinos throughout Australia. In fact, most of these casinos even accept deposits in Australian dollars, making it a lot easier for pokie players to use real money to play their favorite pokie games.