Muller, Biber Classic G German Pattern, Goose Wing Broad Axe



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  • Hand Forged in Austria for true quality
  • Weighs 7 pounds total, with a head weight of 6 pounds. 13″ long blade
  • The large and heavy blade give you stability not found with smaller broad axes
  • Biber Classic is Muller’s premium line, featuring quality hickory handles and classic forged finish.


Based on a traditional German pattern broad axe, with Goose Wing styling. The broad axe, also known as a hewing axe, is designed for hewing logs into square timbers. This axe has been hand forged by the skilled blacksmiths of family owned Leonhard Mueller & Soehne at the Himmelsberger Zeughammerwerk in Austria from high grade steel and then carefully hardened and tempered for the best combination and hardness and toughness. This Broad Axe is available beveled on the right or left side. The poll and eye are angled enabling the handle and your hands to be kept away from the timber. This design allows you to use the axe to hew the sides of the log with precision. The edge is sharp having been sharpened on a water cooled sharpening stone at the forge, however this does not mean that honing is not needed before work. The head weighs 6 lbs and the face is 13″ wide. Premium grade 17″ long hickory handle, these dimensions may vary due to being hand made. Made in Austria. Mueller Axes, have been hand forged in Austria, dating all the way back to the 1600’s. Mueller has a very long and deserved reputation as being highly functional tools of uncompromising quality and workmanship. Highly skilled craftsmans combine modern-day techniques with artistry passed down from many generations of blacksmiths. You can trust the quality of Mueller’s tools because they think enough of them to put a life-time warranty on everyone. We know you will enjoy owning and using these beautiful axes for generations to come!

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