Prandi Double Bit Throwing Axe


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Head axe made of carbon steel with hickory handle. Perfectly balanced.

Weight: 1200gr / 2,65lb

Length: 65cm / 25,60in

Code: 3T.054.12.CH

For three generations Prandi Andrea & C. has produced high quality forged and heat cast manual tools with PASSION.

Prandi Andrea & C. is specialised in the production of cutting implements, such as axes, hatchets, wedges and other woodcutting tools. Thanks to our passion, we are among the few companies in Europe who boast such a large array of forest splitting tools with over 150 models of axes and hatchets.

Each and every article was studied and produced upon request by our clients who, in constant search of high quality standards, aim to respect the habits and cultural TRADITION of the territory in which they work.

We select and work with high quality steel that is exclusively Made in Italy.
Thanks to our state of the art fleet of machines, all processes necessary for the production of the tools are completed internally: creation of moulds, hot forging, sandblasting, heat treating, grinding, sharpening, varnishing, assembly of handles, marking, labelling, and packaging.
Each production phase, maintains the standards and peculiarities of typical Italian artisan work.