Aerobic O7 Water Treatment 2.33oz


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Aerobic O7 is the original “stabilized Oxygen.” It is a chlorine – free electrolyte solution that is a safe and effective bactericide, fungicide and viricide for the treatment of potable water. Just add 6 drops of Aerobic O7 for each gallon of water, or one ounce for 55 gallons and allow to stand for about an hour. Less time is required for warm water, more time for cold water. Aerobic O7 can also be used to disinfect surfaces. A mixture of 80 drops per 19 ounces of clean water in a spray bottle may be used to disinfect surfaces or directly on meats as an added precaution against E. Coli and many other bacteria. It is a good proposition to store some Aerobic oxygen in with your food storage products. A 2.33 oz. bottle refreashes 128 gallons of water.


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