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Aqua Star Plus brings you an exciting portable, UV water treatment system in a bottle. For decades studies have shown that Ultraviolet light, or UV, destroys pathogens. The 254mm or UV-C wavelength used by AquaStar Plus! is especially effective against bacterial spores that can be hard to treat with chemicals, and even the smallest viruses that are hard to filter. UV-C causes damage to the DNA or RNA structure which halts replication, rendering the pathogens non-infective. In fact, UV-C is used in many air and water purification systems, and sterilization of lab and medical equipment. Aqua Star Plus! has taken that technology, and made it a water treatment solution appropriate for the outdoor enthusiast, and others who depend on having clean water.

Lightweight, rugged and simple to operate, the Aqua Star Plus is the ideal water solution for everyone’s survival kit. Aqua Star Plus takes up no additional room in your gear, as it is built inside the same standard size, 1L, wide-mouth water bottle that is commonly used. Aqua Star Plus uses a pair of standard CR123 camera batteries and weighs only 4 ounces. The bottle provides 100% shielding of any UV-C light that could irritate your eyes or skin.

Aqua Star Plus is easy to use. You simply fill the bottle with 300 to 1000ml clear water, hold the button for 2 seconds and release to start the cycle, invert the bottle and swirl during cycle, then wait about 80 seconds. The green LED in the cap will blink when the disinfection cycle has finished. AquaStar Plus! can quickly treat a liter of water in a little over a minute, and provide over 16 gallons of clean water on a single set of batteries. It has a low battery warning light that lets you know when you have about 5 cycles left.

Aqua Star Plus! is designed with the highest quality components to insure years of trouble-free service in a variety of environments, and comes with a limited two year warranty. While your Aquastar Plus! ships with a high quality, lightweight, odorless polycarbonate bottle, it fits, and can be used with most Nalgene-style wide mouth 1L or larger bottles. When treating a quantity of water larger than 1L, make sure to dose for proportionately longer times; i.e. more than 2L, but less then 3L, gets 3 doses, and so on.

The AquaStar Plus! has a “lantern mode” with a handy separate, white LED for lighting. You press twice to get 15 minutes of self-timed white light, which will go dim in 14 minutes, and go off a minute later. Each 15 minute cycle of light uses approximately 1% of the battery capacity.

The AquaStar Plus! is 8.5 ounces loaded including batteries and bottle. The complete unit is 7.75″ long. The Aqua Star Plus! comes with an users guide booklet with detailed instructions and information. Aqua Star Plus provides an exciting water purification technique for the next situation where you need to purify water from a less than potable source, whether it be a trip to the mountains, or a globe trotting adventure.

In our experience in the backcountry, sometimes the water isn’t real clear. If you find yourself with silty water, the UV-C light will penetrate the water less. In this case, it is recommended that you filter the water though the included nylon mesh pre-filter, agitate the water so that more of it comes into closer contact with the lamp, and run the water through more than one cycle to assure complete disinfection.


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