Baker Deep Well Hand Pumps

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Baker hand pump systems

Baker Deep Well Hand Pump Baker Monitor Pump We carry “deep well”, Baker Monitor,pumps. It is important when ordering your pump, to take into consideration the depth of the water you plan to pump. We chose to carry the deep well pumps as they are less available then the shallow well type. These pumps can be used to depths up to 200 feet!

To have a working hand pump system you need 1 each of the following componets:


  • The Pump Stand


Monitor Force pumps are suitable for hand, windmill, or pump jack (electrical motor) usage.

    1. These Force pumps have adjustable pin positions (5 inch, 7 inch, and 10.5 inch) on the handle. This allows you to obtain the optimum “ease of pumping” verses “volume of water”, for your individual pumping distance and physical strength. The shorter the stroke, the easier it is to pump.

These pumps have sealed packing to prevent well contamination. This is an important feature for drinking water wells. These pump stands have a spout on the front and a plug on the rear.

Model 11HD is the most popular hand pump in America. It is best suited for pumping into a container at the well.

Model 12 HD – This is the same as the 11 HD, except with a bibb spout. This means that the spout can be shut off, in the event that you want to pump water out the back of the pump only. For example, you can force water to a tank, pond, reservoir, etc., through a pipe attached instead of the plug at the back of the pump.


  • Selecting the cylinder

This is the part of the system that goes down the well below the water table. It’s a barrel with a plunger inside. When you pump on the handle of the hand pump, it makes the cylinder plunger go up and down. This forces the water up the pipe and out the hand pump. These cylinders are all brass with brass check valves and 2 leather brass plungers. Pick your cylinder needed by the depth-to-water (not the total depth of your well) that comes closest to your installation. This tells you what I.D. (inside diameter) cylinder you need. Caution: Be sure that the O.D. ( outside diameter) of the cylinder does not exceed the I.D. Of the well.


Table of hand pump data
Depth to water that can be pumped by average person and showing the three columns possible with 5″, 7-1/2″ and 10″ pin positions on the pump handle.
Cylinder size5″ Stroke Depth to Water-Ft.7-1/2″ Stroke Depth to Water-Ft.10″ Stroke Depth to Water-Ft.
NOTE: Above calculations are based on 50lbs. applied perpendicular to the pump handle and includes the hydraulic lift with 10% added for leather friction and weight of rod at minimum mechanical advantage which occurs at midstroke.
Amount of water discharged per stroke of a pump
Cylinder Size5″ Stroke Gals/Stroke7-1/2″ Stroke Gals/Stroke10″ Stroke Gals/StrokeStock #


  • Pump Rod

The pump rod, sometimes referred to as sucker rod, provides the mechanical connection between the hand pump and the plunger in the cylinder. This means when you pump the hand pump, it makes the pump rod and plunger go up and down, delivering the water out the spout of the hand pump.

Pump rod is threaded and coupled, and comes in 21′ and 18′ lengths. Order enough pump rod so that your cylinder is about 15′ below water, for deep wells.

Please note: Pump Rod must ship via truck, and requires an additional shipping charge. If you need a quote for the shipping price, please E-mail or call 256-729-8868. We will charge you the actual shipping price. 7/16 threaded rod can often be found locally at metal or some hardware stores thus saving you the extra shipping.

Important: Always order one additional rod coupling (besides what’s on the pump rod). You’ll need this extra rod coupling to make the final connection to the cylinder.


  • The Pump Flange

The pump flange attaches the pump stand to the well casing. You must provide the nuts, bolts and washers (available at your hardware store) to connect the pump to the pump flange. Measure the inside diameter of your well casing, and then select the appropriate pump flange. We offer sealed pump flanges so as to avoid well contamination.


  • Drop Pipe

You also need 1-1/4 inch water pipe, to run from the cylinder to the surface. Most hardware stores will carry this. Buy the same amount of pipe as you did pump rod. The pump rod is installed inside the pipe.


  • Accessories

We also have available a hand pump spout to garden hose, thread adaptor. This will work on both models. It simply attaches to the spout opening.

A note: If you wish to pump horizontally out of the plug hole on the back of model 12HD, you can plumb it to connect to pipe or hose fitting.. You have 200 ft. of pumping ability. Depending on the depth of your water, you can go the left over distance, above ground.

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  1. mpbrady30 (verified owner)

    A very good pump. A traditional work horse. Have read nothing but good about this pump and was glad to find it here at such a great price. The staff at Wiseman Trading and Supply are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. Install went smoothly. Hint, the more people you have to help install the better. We did it with two, but three would had been much better. Recommend this product.

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