British Berkefeld SS 2 Filter


Now includes Heavy Metal and Lead Reduction Media in The Filter Candles.

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British Berkefeld water filters have been time tested for 140 years – used by thousands of missionaries around the world. Today they are used in over 150 countries, and have been historically used by the Red Cross. These filters are the gravity feed / drip type. They require no pumping and do not force the water through the filters, resulting in more complete filtering. You simply pour your water in, let it drip through the filter, and safe clean water then collects in the lower chamber. They have both ceramic and carbon elements. Each ceramic element will filter 2,600 to 15,000 gal. – depending on how much contamination, sediment, etc., is in the water you are filtering, and how carefully you clean the filters. To clean the filters you periodically rub with a soft brush or scotch type pad. The super sterasyl ceramic elements consist of a fine microporous structure with fine particles of silver interspersed which prevent the growth of bacteria. What we really like about these filters is that encased within the ceramic is a carbon filter which removes objectionable taste and chemicals that most other gravity filters do not. These ceramic elements form a complete barrier to all particles larger than 0.9 microns. Filtration efficiency for particles from 0.5 to 0.8 is greater than 99.99%. They have been tested to remove the following parasites and bacteria:


  • Escherischia Coli	 >99.99%
  • Klebsiella               >99.99%
  • Cholera                  >99.99%
  • Shigella                 >99.99%
  • Salmonella               >99.99%
  • Guinea Worm                 100%
  • Giardia Lamblia             100%
  • Cryptosporidium		    100%


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