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Nalgene Lexan Bottles

Life is an adventure – Drink it up!

Nalgene 32 oz Lexan Bottles
After reading a book entitled, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water”, I began to think more deeply about the amount of water my family consumed. The author poses some fascinating thoughts on subclinical, chronic dehydration, and gives detailed medical descriptions on how & why it can lead to many painful degenerative diseases. Nalgene provides a great way to consume more water with their portable lexan container bottles. With a Nalgene bottle you can always have your water with you wherever you are.The best thing about Nalgene Lexan containers is that they let you experience the taste of their contents, not the flavor of their plastic. Also, the taste of one liquid doesn’t transfer to the next liquid you use in the bottle. Nalgene bottles are extremely impact resistant even at sub-freezing temperatures, so you have no worry of breakage. They are top rack dishwasher safe as well. The Nalgene bottles come with “molded in” graduations on their back for those who want to keep track of amounts consumed.

Several styles are available, as well as several colors, to please the eyes as well as the taste buds. You can get a different color for each family member so they can be easily distinguished. Nalgene lexan bottles make great gift ideas as well. They are perfect gifts for those on your list who are health conscious. For your ball fans, you can treat them with their team’s colors.Nalgene lexan containers can serve as much more than mere water bottles. They make great food storage containers with thier leakproof seals, impact, odor and taste resistance. Add to that their light weight, and they are perfect for your backpack especially in “no glass” areas. Flour, peanut butter, oil, granola, etc. all transport conveniently to your camp kitchen.

Nalgene 32oz. wide mouth lexan bottles come with caps you can’t loose. They are guaranteed leakproof. For times when you need to filter your water, you will be pleased to know that many backpaking waterfilters screw directly onto the 32 oz WM Nalgene bottles.


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