Camp and Pack Grill


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Deluxe Camp Grill

These free standing camp grills have many convenient features. They fold flat for packing, storing, or for use on masonry fire places. With legs extended they stand sturdily at 12 to 7 inches height for cooking over your fire. You have a generous 24 X 12 inches of cooking, grilling, or warming surface. These camp grills are made of heavy duty nickel plated steel for stability and long wear. They have varied grid widths for cooking different sized food directly on the grilling surface, or for heating cookware.

Pack Grill

These are small and lightweight, but heavy duty nickle plated steel camp grills. They fold flat for packing, storing, or for use between two rocks. The legs extend to provide a sturdy 7 inch high cooking surface of 12.5″ X 6.5″. They weigh 3/4 lb.

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