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Camp Dutch Oven sports two features that make it unique. One — three legs which permit it to sit over hot coals. This three leg design allows your dutch oven to sit securely on uneven ground. Two — a flat lid with a vertical lip around the outside edge to hold hot coals placed on top. Dutch ovens get their name from 18th century Dutch traders who traveled door to door selling cast-iron pots to settlers. They are still the most versatile piece of cookware available. The Dutch camp oven can cook anything you would cook with a home oven or stove. They can even be stacked to save on fuel and give you more room around the camp fire!

The Camp Dutch Oven is an exciting cooking pot with so may uses. With its snug fitting lid in place, it becomes an oven when heated with coals. Foods can be baked, braised , roasted, or stewed. Remove the lid and it becomes a kettle for deep – fat frying, boiling or heating food quickly over a fire. Even the lid doubles in service as a frying pan or griddle. They are Pre-Seasoned and Made in the USA.


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Size: 4 Qt Dutch Oven

4 qt., 10" dia., 3-1/2" depth

Size: 6 Qt Dutch Oven

6 qt., 12" dia., 3-3/4" depth

Size: 10 Qt Dutch Oven

10 qt., 14" dia., 5" depth