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eGear’s Dynamo Light and Radio comes chock full of features to meet your needs. You get one tool with multiple features making it great for those on the go.

  1. Pivoting spotlight head – 180° swivel head with dual lighting, 5 LEDs for maximum brightness and 3 LEDs to conserve battery life. This unique feature means you can hold it as a flashlight, or set it on its base utilizing it as a spot or area light.
  2. Built in FM radio 80MHz-108MHz
  3. Emergency charging for most mobile phones including Nokia, Motorla, Ericsson, Siemens and Samsung. A cell phone adaptor kit is included!

The Dynamo 5 LED Light and FM Radio weighs 1.1 pounds, and measures 8.9″ H X 3.6″ D X 3.5″ W. This Essential Gear Light comes with several features that make it great for emergencies, as well as camping or everyday use. It has a strong magnet making it handy to attach to metal surfaces for use or storage, a red blinking light for emergencies and a glow in the dark handle makes it easy to find in the dark.

The Dynamo Flashlight has four ways to power up:

  1. A heavy duty dynamo wind up generator
  2. A rechargeable memory free Ni-Mh battery
  3. It is rechargeable with a 12 volt DC vehicle adaptor which is included.
  4. It is rechargeable with a AC wall adaptor which is not included.
Wind/Charge TimeLight TimeRadio Play Time
1 Minute15to30 Min.30 Min.
3 Minutes25to60 Min.60 Min.
5 Minutes35to80 Min.80 Min.
2 Hours Charging3to5 Hours5 Hours

With Essential Gear’s Dynamo 5 LED Light and FM Radio you have reliable light when you need it: camping, hunting, fishing, around the house or farm. In an emergency or power outage you will really appreciate this eGear Dynamo Light’s durable multi-power performance. The LEDs are larger than standard, and produce an amazing amount of light. Plus, the LEDs long life means you never have to worry about replacement bulbs.


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