Dyna Jet Style Clothes Wringer 12 and 14 inch


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Made in America

Please check model pictures and description.

  • Built like a tank to last
  • All metal parts except shaft and hardware are double coated with a zinc under coat and an ultra durable black outer E-coat that will out last any competition
  • Do your clothes take forever to dry hanging there? Our wringer will wring out 90% of accumulated water in your drying towels and cloathes speeding the process up immensely
  • The Rubber Rollers are made from the most durable Nitrile available and we guarantee they will outlast any competition. White rollers have there place but when it comes to durability nothing out last our black Nitrile. If you could see reviews years down the road you would tell the difference. A simple soapy scrub will bring our rollers back to life after long periods of not being used while other rollers go flat. If you see black simply scrub rollers well and you are ready to go. We stand behind our rollers to be the best on the market made right here in the USA, by a small family business
  • We take pride in our wringers and stand behind them for the long haul. If you ever have an issue contact us and we will get you taken care of with American customer service


We call these the Dyna Jet wringer style after the long standing Dyna Jet hand wringer. Drying your Laundry or wringing out your car washing Chamois has never been easier. In these uncertain times it is always good to be as self sufficient as you possibly can and our wringer is great for that while still being useful day in and day out for wringing out kitchen towels, window rags, car Chamois, and bathtub sponges. Our wringer mounts easily to round tubs or strait 2x4s, saw horses. It even works great on pickle or icing buckets that you can get for free from your local store. Just remember if you are using smaller buckets to mount you will need to add some weight to keep it stable such as a rock or even water. If you want to make your washing or drying experience easier this wringer is your ticket. Our Nitrile rubber is very durable. Great for emergencies, self sufficiency, camping and backpacking, We build our wringers right here in the USA. All main metal parts except metal shafts are double coated to protect your investment for the long haul. We start with a zinc undercoat in case you get a scratch through the outer surface. Zinc fills in any scratches and protects the underlying metal through the toughest jobs. We then add a black top Ecoat that is very durable and long lasting. We build are wringers like a tank and stand behind them. Plus you get friendly American customer service should you ever need it. We offer a year warranty while most other compentition only offers 90 days. Truly though we are here for our customers for years down the road we say this with confidence because you won’t need us. That is how tough our wringers really are.

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12 Inch Standard, 12 Inch with Top Bar Handle, 14 Inch with Top Bar Handle