Chamois Cloth Rayon


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100% Rayon Chamois

These high quality, german made Chamois are a great companion to our Dyna Jet Wringers. Shammies can be used to wash or dry your car, but we are sure you will be thinking of even more uses for them for years to come. These Chammys work great on automobiles, trucks, boats bikes, etc. Chammies hold an amazing amount of water; up to 10 times their own weight. They can replace sponges and washclothes, as well as towels. These Shammys can save you even more by reducing your need for expensive paper towels. They pickup crumbs, as well as spills, and will not drip. Use them for counter tops to carpeting; from kitchen or bathroom, to the garage. They can even be used as camp towels or to dry hair and pets. So, how many ways can you spell chamois??


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