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We are proud to offer our customers Ballistol in this county. The most amazing feature of Ballistol is its universality with its wide range of applications and unique capabilities. Most other lubricants are subject to relatively fast aging and oxidation. The oil thickens and becomes sticky. By contrast, Ballistol contains a combination of antioxidants and medical oils, which make it much less susceptible to the process of aging. It is biodegradable. Neither its use nor disposal will pollute our precious air or water. The aerosol does not contain CFCs as propellant but butane and pressurized air instead. It was originally produced as an all-purpose military oil to be used on the soldier’s metallic rifle parts, wooden gun stocks, his leather gear and for the treatment of minor wounds, sores and scratches. Word spread and soon boaters, motorists, hikers, mountaineers and outdoors men across Europe were using the all-purpose oil. It has been in widespread use in Europe for three generations. Some of Ballistol’s areas of usage include:

Motor VehiclesFishing
Electrical EquipmentBoating
FirearmsMuch, much more!

Please contact us if you would like more information on any of Ballistol’s 1001 uses. Ballistol has a manufacturer’s satisfaction guarantee.

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