Bucket Buster Pail Opener


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Hero Bucket Buster Pail Opener

These bucket buster pail openers were recommended to us by one of our friends. These are the easiest to use bucket openers we have ever seen, solving that delimma of getting into your 5 gallon bucket containers without undue delay, frustration, and hand & finger pain. They easily open all common heavy duty pails. Their spring loaded design pushes up from the ribs on the side of the pail. They have all steel construction for added strength. They feature an easy to grip, red, rubber, handle covering, with finger indentions. This is a tool that opens, even U.N. pails, with very little effort and no damage to lids, which permits secure resealing. Below is instruction on the use of the Bucket Buster:

Do Not Cut Lid.

  1. Hold Bucket Buster pointing downward, and hook lever under lid.
  2. Push handles downward until anchor engages reinforcing rib. Push down until seal snaps free.
  3. Release Pressure. Slide 2 to 3 inches around lid and push down again. Work around lid and it’s off.
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