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The Gamma Seal Lid transforms your pail/bucket into an airtight and leak proof heavy-duty storage container. This allows you to create a useful storage container out of an ordinary 3.5 to 7 gallon pail.

Unlike the one – time use lids of yesteryear, the Gamma Seal lid is the only easily re-sealing lid on the market that can fit most 12″ diameter pails.

You simply snap the adapter on to an ordinary round pail, and spin on the gasketed lid. This is a unique solution to the exasperating and frustrating, finger-nail breaking lids that are so common and hard to get on and off. Instead of having to pry the lid off, you can just turn the lid like a jar top. It has a large gripping X on the top.

It keeps bucket contents dry making it great for camping, boating, canoeing, outdoor storage, and fishing.

It keeps insect and rodent pests out of your buckets making stored items safe, yet easily accessible. This is convenient for pet food and dry goods storage. It is also good for wool items, keeping moths out.

It seals for freshness; once again, making it perfect for bulk food storage. The buckets are strong enough that you can also stack them on top of each other for storage.

It seals airtight with no air exchange. Combine this with our O2 absorbers and you have a great solution for even longer term storage.

Since it easily reseals, it works well for paint buckets and other general storage.

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