Refrigerator Thermostat


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Refrigerator Thermostat

By Johnson Controls

Did you ever wish you could have the ideal temperature for fermenting sauerkraut, aging cheese, making wines, beers, and soft drinks? Now you can, conveniently and affordably, with this external refrigerator or freezer thermostat. With a temperature range of 20F to 80F degrees it can cover most of your needs. Most household refrigerators only have the power to cool down to around 37F, so you will need a freezer if you need to cool to the lower part of the range. Keep in mind this is only a cooling thermostat that overrides the original on your appliance.

The Johnson Controls Refrigerator Thermostat has a four degree differential. This means if you set the controller at 50F, it cools down to 46F, and restarts when the temperature rises back to 50F. This saves energy, and wear and tear on your refrigerator’s motor and compressor by avoiding constant starting and stopping. The thermostat is controlled with the turn of a calibrated knob. There is no temperature reading on the controller so you can keep a thermometer in the refrigerator to get a temperature reading. It is very easy to setup and run. All you have to do is plug the thermostat controller in any wall outlet, and then plug your refrigerator into the controller. Now place the thermostat probe in your refrigerator, make the appropriate settings on your refrigerator, and you are ready to experiment with different temperatures.

The controller will run up to a maximum 15 amp refrigerator or freezer motor. It has a 6 foot cord, as well as, a 6 foot thermostat wire with the probe on the end which is flexible enough to slip through the door so there is no need for drilling, which makes for easy installation. The controller has mounting holes in the back for mounting to a wall. It also comes with a hanging chain for added versatility, and it has a good manual.


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