K&K Keramik Gartopf German Fermenting Crock Pot – Form 2



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K&K Keramik is well known for beautiful hand-made pottery and rum pots. K&K also makes Gartopf Fermenting Crocks with the same high quality standards and beauty. These “Form 2” style fermenting pots, known under the name “Kerazo” in Europe, are hand crafted, made in Germany, and designed in a modern, functional bulbous shape with side handles. Each crock comes complete with pot, lid, weighing stones, and instruction/recipe book. This fermenting crock is very attractive, sturdy, easy to use and quite functional.

Crock comes with body, lid, stones and recipe book
High quality traditional German hand-made ceramic
Deep gully – allows expelling of gas; prevents entry of insects, dust and air Made in modern Bulbous shape
Handles on two sides for ease of lifting and transporting
K & K Gärtopf bodies are formed in a single piece
Beautiful speckled, earthen brown and copper coloring with smooth, shiny finish
Thick .6” (1.5cm) base ensures stability; walls are approximately .4”
K & K ceramic fermentation pots are fired at 1260 ° C
Safe – Free of Lead and Cadmium
Useable for sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, Kimchi, and even wine
Acid resistant
Dishwasher Safe

ModelCapacity Height




 Weight (lbs)
KK_F2_5L 5 Liter (1.3 gallon)  12.2”9.1”8.2
KK_F2_7L 7 Liter (1.9) gallon)  13.5”9.1″10.3
KK_F2_10L 10 Liter (2.6 gallon)15.0”11.5”15.1
KK_F2_16L 16 Liter (4.2 gallon)  17.3”12.0”19.1
KK_F2_26L 26 Liter (6.9 gallon)  20.5”14.0″28.5


Height is measured to top of lid
Diameter is measured handle to handle
Weight is standing weight – pot, stones, & lid