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How to Make the Best Use of Fermentation Crock?

It is not necessary that when you have some left over food then only you can go for the fermentation process or something like that. In fact, it is about how you will take up things and make them save for a longer period. When you need to store food then caning, pickling, fermentation is the options that you have got on your side, and this will simply provide you some of the refined products by the end. To make your fermentation possible and easy you are provided with the fermentation crock that will help you to manage things swiftly and neatly at large.

Options in Fermentation Crock

When you step into the fermentation crock, you can find two types of crock the open crocks and water sealed crocks. Both of them do have their very own advantages, benefits, and facilitates you in their very own manner. All you have to do is to decide which one you want to have or need. As fermentation in both crocks is different and have, different effects too so make sure you will chose the best.

Make The Best Use!

To ensure the best sued of crocks you have to understand how both types work and what could be the results you will get in both cases.

Open Crocks

The open crocks are made up of ceramic material and conventionally look like the jars or cans that were used by your grandmother for canning and pickling. It is simply a jar with enough space to store whatever you want to ferment into it and covered with a plate inside to keep it limit to a certain level. Later on after some time the crock is covered with the piece of cloth and let the things are settled easily.

Major Benefits

The open crooks come with the following major benefits that will make you to count them in your fermentation:

  • Vegetables get fit into it easily
  • Readily available
  • Open and easy to clean
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to use and make a check on the stuff


  • When you chose to ferment with open crocks then you have to face the following challenges:
  • Hygienic problems
  • More you have to keep the crocks at the spare corner to avoid any house fly or other insect
  • Unwanted growth of yeast

Water Sealed Crocks

While on the other hand in the water-sealed crocks where you will get a crock with complete cover and seal, it is actually something that will make your fermentation more exciting and to know that you can follow further:

  • Totally sealed top and water locked to prevent even air to enter
  • Heavy plates to press the product and maintained fermentation quality
  • Carefree fermentation is possible
  • No yeast or egg production
  • Safe and secured fermentation crock that makes it easy and fun


  • Water level in the moat should be maintained otherwise seal will be broken and fermentation will get affected
  • Hard to monitor inside things due to seal
  • Hard to pack ferment due to narrow opening
  • Difficult to clean due to top covers