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Sierra Zip Stove

Would you like to never have to pack in cooking fuel again? ZZ manufacturing offers you a unique alternative with their sierra wood burning camping stove. It burns twigs, bark, pine cones, or scrap wood. You can also use charcoal. This nifty little stove weighs only 1 lb. It heats like a blacksmith’s forge with its battery driven blower using a single AA battery that lasts more than 6 hours of cooking. If you are on an extended back country trip and need more time, we also carry AA battery chargers that are small and light weight – perfect for packing.

To operate, you start a small fire in the burner bowl, let it become established, add additional fuel and turn on the fan. With dry wood you should have a good fire within 2 minutes. You control the heat by setting the fan speed to high, low, or off. It boils a quart of water in about 4 minutes. Functions at all altitudes. Size 4″ x 5″ dia.

Sierra Stove Only – Stock # 205 

Sierra Stove With Upgrade Kit We sell the Sierra with an upgrade kit which includes a cross grate, wrap around wind shield and zip fires sample.
    1. Cross Grate This grate consists of two flat metal pieces with slots in the middle. You interlock the pieces so they form an X, and put them on top of the burner with the notched corners down. You can then feed long sticks under the pot. This is especially helpful in wet weather, as the end of the stick dries and burns, and then the stick will automatically feed into the fire.
    2. Wrap around shield which clips onto the stove itself, helping contain and direct the fire and aiding in faster cooking times.
    3. Zip Fires are a safe, clean, easy and ordorless fuel starter. It typically takes 3 chunks to start a fire.

Stock # 205 

Sierra Stove with Complete Upgrade Kit. The Sierra can also be purchased with a complete upgrade kit. The complete upgrade kit adds a kettle/lid and sack to the above package. It weighs only 2lbs.

The kettle/lid makes a nifty unit of your stove. The stove nests inside the kettle for space savings and convenience. The kettle is easy to clean, polished stainless steel. It is quart size and has a lid that doubles as a 5.25″ fry pan.

Sack – This nylon carry sack contains and protects your kettle and stove. It also protects your other gear from ash coated and blackened pots.

Stock # 974 

This is the SIERRA STOVE TITANIUM only, with no accessories. Weighs only 9.9 ounces. Only spark arrestor and kettle are compatible. The other accessories will not fit.

Titanium backpacking stove

Operates on the same principle as the original  Sierra Stove.

Steel parts have been replaced with titanium.

Weighs only 10 ounces!

Stable tripod base.

Measures 5 1/2″ in diameter and 3 1/2″ high collapsed.

Seirra Stove Upgrades – Not for the Sierra Titanium stove.

You can also purchase the Sierra Upgrade kit, Complete upgrade kit and Nylon Carrying Sack separately.

Sierra Upgrade Kit only Incudes: cross grate, wrap – around shield, zip fires sample. Stock # 976 

Sierra Complete Upgrade Kit only includes: 1 qt. kettle/lid, cross grate, wrap – around shield, zip fires sample and carry sack. Stock # 975 

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