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Polish Fermentation Pots

These beautifully crafted, honey pot and crock style stoneware crock pots are the perfect aid in pickling your vegetables, and making delicious and nutritious sauerkraut. They are made in Poland, where the highly enriched vitrified clays provide the strongest and most elegant building material for clay pottery and ceramics. These fermentation crock pots are made by craftsmen who carry on this traditional art form that has been passed down to them. These crocks are designed with an airtight, water-sealable cover so that you do not have to repeatedly open them to scrape off surface mold, yeast or scum. You simply pour a small amount of water into the channel on top, and the cover’s design will allow fermentaion gases to escape without letting oxygen in. These crock pots bring to your kitchen the trouble free way of pickling.  You don’t even need to check inside until you think your kraut or pickles might be done! We include a set of weight stones free with your crock so you are all set to go.

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