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Making the Perfect Sauerkraut at Home

It is common but wrong thinking that you cannot make good and tasty sauerkraut at home. It can be made at home with the ease and comfort. Just like to make good food you need fresh material for the tasty and healthy end result.

Same like that the perfect sauerkraut needs some good quality material and some good tools like Wooden Sauerkraut Stompers and a crock to make it at home.

To start making the best sauerkraut at home, you need fresh cabbage to add. The cabbage is something that is more essential for making sauerkraut than anything else.

You need not to include any kind of chemical to add bacterial characteristics in the presence of cabbage in your sauerkraut. Following are some of the important things to consider while making sauerkraut at home.

Add some Salt

Adding salt in the sauerkraut is important to protect the most important element of the sauerkraut cabbage.

You need to add salt by 2.5% depending upon the weight of the cabbage included in the sauerkraut. We need some health friendly bacteria to remain in our sauerkraut to protect it for a longer period of time.

It is common concept that bacteria no longer survive in the in the presence of salt in the sauerkraut and it is sure that salt will destroy the whole bacteria in the sauerkraut.

You need to know that the health friendly bacteria does not hate the salt and remain prevented even in the salt. The bacteria that is dangerous to the health dies because of salt and sauerkraut remains fresh for a longer period of time.

Importance of Perfect Temperature for sauerkraut Making

Temperature is most important thing to consider making sauerkraut at home.

You may destroy your whole efforts if you don’t understand the required temperature to make sauerkraut. The cabbage is the master piece that can bear the temperature below the zero but you need to keep temperature higher to make sauerkraut perfectly.

The experts believe that 21 Celsius is the best temperature to make sauerkraut. This temperature is the key to success because lactic bacteria do not take part in the process at this temperature. The average time to make sauerkraut at this temperature is between ten to twenty days.

Tools to Use for sauerkraut Making

The sauerkraut making tools are almost available in your kitchen and you done teed to buy any extra tool to make sauerkraut at home.

However you need Wooden Sauerkraut Stompers and sauerkraut crock to mash up the things needed to make something healthier a tastier ever than before. You also need a jar to prevent that sauerkraut in the freezer for a longer period of time.

The jar is important to make fermentation process successful for you. The lactic acid will produce CO2 to prevent the external air to enter in the jar. This soda gas plays a vital role in fermentation of sauerkraut. You just need to cover the jar mouth with the cloth to avoid dust.