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How to make Sauerkraut using Wooden Sauerkraut Stompers?

If you are habitual to eat homemade sauerkraut in your routine, you are lucky one. None of the commercially made sauerkraut can be the peer to your homemade sauerkraut using wooden sauerkraut stompers. The sauerkraut made at home is healthy and hygienic in all the aspects. If you have made up your mind to usage homemade sauerkraut next time and looking for the best way to make it at home, this article will provide you the useful information. Following are some of the important things you need to keep in the consideration while making sauerkraut at home using wooden stompers.

Getting Ready for Homemade Sauerkraut

Before making sauerkraut at home, you need a crock like a jar or any other pot work like that. You need to buy expensive stoneware and other expensive option available in the market to make sauerkraut at home. If you already have a stone crock at home that’s really good. One thing that you need to keep in consideration while using the old stone or wooden crock is the white layer. If you fine a white layer appear in the crock that often disappear when you wash it and reappear when it is dry. You must understand that the crock is not fir for sauerkraut now. It has become unhygienic for you and your family health.  You are free to use any jar like pot where stomper can easily used. Choose the ingredients to make sauerkraut by using the equipment available. Never use your hands in the crock while making sauerkraut at home. It will soil out your sauerkraut and its freshness.

It can even become unhygienic for your health. Always use wooden spoon or wooden stompers to use in the crocks. The experts believe that using hands or any kind of metal in the crock while making sauerkraut makes the sauerkraut unfit for health or it can spoil the real theme of making sauerkraut at home. The wooden spoon or the stompers are the best equipments to use in the crock while making sauerkraut at home. Always buy fresh and young ingredients to make sauerkraut at home. It will turn your sauerkraut into a healthy food and it will remain fresh for a longer period of time.

Making Sauerkraut at Home

Put all the ingredients in the crock and add very small water before masking it with wooden sauerkraut stompers. Hit slowly and gently to turn ingredients into a powder like form. Mash well for some time so that all ingredients mix up fantastically. Continue adding some water in the sauerkraut while mashing it with wooden stompers. Using a wooden stomper has its own wisdom. When we use a metal stomper to mash up the ingredients, it also leaves some of its effect in the sauerkraut that directly impacts the health of your family. Contrary to this, the wooden stompers make sauerkraut a hygienic and healthy for you and your family and let it remain fresh for a longer period of time.