Trifffix by Muller Splitting and Kindling Axe Tool



  • Made in Austrian, hand forged by master smiths
  • One of the most innovative tools for splitting and making kindling
  • Allows you to split kindling without worrying about your hands
  • Comes with an attractive wood stand

The Trifffix axe was designed to make splitting small logs and staves easier and safer. All you have to do is smack the blade into the end of your log with a good hit just to seat it. Then simply lift the whole log and Trifffix and drop it several times and voila, you have kindling or staves. The clear guard really increases safely and speeds you up. You will be amazed how easy the Trifffix makes splitting.

The head of the Trifffix is forged from one solid piece of steel. The handle is securely attached with heavy duty screws. The well thought out hand guard keeps your hands as safe as possible considering the job.


Mueller Axes, have been hand forged in Austria, dating all the way back to the 1600’s. Mueller has a very long and deserved reputation as being highly functional tools of uncompromising quality and workmanship. Highly skilled craftsmans combine modern-day techniques with artistry passed down from many generations of blacksmiths. You can trust the quality of Mueller’s tools because they think enough of them to put a life-time warranty on everyone. We know you will enjoy owning and using these beautiful axes for generations to come!

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Trifffix Man Large, Trifffix Lady Medium, Trifffix Youth Small