Helko Rheinland Hatchet

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Handmade in Germany by Helko’s Master Smiths
Includes Helko North America leather sheath, made in USA

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The Rheinland Hatchet is lightweight and beautifully crafted, with a traditional German wide-bit woodworker blade. These hatchets are made in Wuppertal, Germany, near the country’s famous Rhein River Valley. The Rhein, one of Germany’s most prominent geographical features, was a historically significant source of trade and growth for civilizations in the region throughout the early and later medieval periods. Cutting axes like these were a daily necessity for peoples carving out towns and villages in heavily forested regions along the Rhein River. The wide blade makes this hatchet exceptionally well suited for cutting work. The handle is American hickory.


  • Head Weight:      1.25 lbs 
  • Total Weight:       2 lbs        
  • Handle Length:   14 in
  • Bit Length:            4 in


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Weight 5 lbs