Helko Leather Handle Guard – Hatchet Collar or Axe Collar



  • Made in the USA from quality top grain latigo cowhide leather
  • Protects your axe handle from damage or miss swings
  • Easy to use, comfortable on the hands, and gives your axe an authentic look and feel
  • Softened leather, and is treated for moisture protection




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Use one of the premium leather collars to protect your handle. The majority of handle damage often starts at the neck, either from miss-swings or normal wear and tear. Neck collars protect the neck, and significantly increase handle longevity and durability. They are comfortable to use, easy to tie on, and give your axe a genuinely authentic look and feel. The included leather lace ensures that the collar will stay tightly fitted to the handle. Made in the USA from quality, vegetable-tanned, top-grain latigo cowhide leather. The leather has been treated and infused with oils and waxes for moisture protection. This also gives the leather a rich color and softens the material, making it supple and relatively pliable. Our collars are thick and durable, and will endure years of service. The Helko Werk logo is stamped into the leather face.

Axe Collar will fit all Helko full size axes, and should fit most other common sized axes in other brands.

Dimensions: Width: 5-3/4″

Length: 5-1/2″

Lace Length: 52″


Hatchet Collar will fit all Helko hatchets, and should fit most other common sized hatchets in other brands.

Dimensions: Width: 4-3/8”

Length: 4-1/8”

Lace Length: 40”

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

Small for Hatchets, Large for Axes


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Size: Large for Axes

Size: Small for Hatchets