Council Tool 2lb Hudson Bay Camp Axe 24″ Curved Wooden Handle Sport Utility Finish – New 2021 Design


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As part of Council Tool’s commit to quality, and overall usability of our tools and axes, we continue to improve our tool designs.

We strive to meet the market demands, and the needs of the end-user/customer.

One of the axes that received a recent design upgrade, is the 2 lbs. Hudson Bay Axe.

This new ‘old-school’ design is one that will have a taller eye, to allow for a more secure and stable connection to the handle.

With a larger poll, balanced head, and wedge shape of the blade, it will be a safer, ergonomic, and more efficient tool to use in the woods, at camp, on the homestead, while trapping, or within the tree service industry.

The geometry of the blade/cheeks have more of a wedge shape, but still have a high centerline, to make it a better splitting axe for campfire wood.

The head has a similar weight to the previous design, but will be balanced for better control, and allow for more accurate strike placements, especially when swung one-handed.

This will make the axe safer and easier to use.

We are now hardening the extended poll (back of the axe head), so that it can be used like a hammer, if the need arises.

Highlighting this added benefit of a hardened poll, will help to promote the axe and draw industry wide attention, as Council Tool would be producing one of the only Hudson Bay axes, on the market with this design feature.

This new ‘old-school’ axe head pattern was inspired by many of the design details, found in some of the older and vintage Hudson Bay axes, which were used the first half of the 1900s, and are still highly collectable today. 


~ 2 lbs. head weight.

~ 3 5/8” Bit length from toe-to-heel.

~ 6” Overall head length from bit-to-poll.

~ Balanced head from front to back, with the center of mass within the eye, which reduces head-roll/blade-drop.

~ Longer hardened poll, with a taller eyewall, for a more secure handle connection. This creates larger poll face/surface area, so that it can be used as an effective striking tool, while also making good contact to drive HDPE plastic felling/bucking wedges.

~ 25 deg. Convex bevels/bit.

~ Wedge-shaped blade, with a high centerline, to help release the axe head while splitting.

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