Council Tool Wood-Craft Pack Axe Shoulder Sling and Heavy Duty Full Welted Leather Sheath


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WOOD-CRAFT Pack Axe Heavy Duty Sheath Description: a high quality, fully welted, leather sheath, customized specifically for the Pack Axe, sporting installed “D” rings crafted to accommodate the optional shoulder sling which allows your Pack Axe to be easily and safely carried on the shoulder. The Pack Axe Sheath can also be attached to a belt, Mollie system, or to your back pack. This unique and stoutly constructed leather sheath will protect your premium Pack Axe from all the elements while protecting you and others from the extremely sharp blade of your Pack Axe for many years to come.

Shoulder sling is designed by an Outdoorsman for Outdoorsmen, this Innovative Pack Axe Shoulder Sling connects directly to the Pack Axe Heavy Duty Sheath via snap hooks on the sling to the D Rings installed on the Pack Axe Sheath providing safe and easy movement in the woods allowing the use of both hands while safely transporting your Pack Axe anywhere you want to go. Sling is made of Brahma Webb which consists of polyester webbing with a PVC coating. This material is durable, flexible and withstands the elements.

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