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This product is great for wooden handles, leather goods and and helping against rust on metal. Helps protects your steel knives and axes from moisture, corrosion and rust. Rub this wax right into your wooden handles and leather goods to keep them moist, looking great, and protect them from the elements, you can put it on your axe heads and Knife blades as well. How to apply, cotton cloth works well, wipe everything down with it. After scooping up some wax with the cloth, rub it into your axe heads, knife blades and any other tools you like to keep in good condition. For wooden handles, leather goods. But especially axe handles. wipe it all over the axe handle, adding some friction so that the wax heats up a bit and and goes in to the wood Better, This Helps keeps it from drying out and cracking. Apply as often as needed.

All natural Ingredients

4 oz. 

3″ Round tin with screw on top lid. 1.5″ Deep.

Ingredients | Beeswax, Linseed Oil, Clove Oil.

Made In USA.

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