Solar/4 Way Power SW Radio 007

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This updated version has many improvements, including a more powerful solar panel allowing you to power the radio directly from the sun, even when not listening with headphones. The new AC dynamo is quieter and more reliable as it doesn’t have brushes to wear out. It also has a broader SW coverage. All in all, we think the new Kaito K007 is worth way more than its price!


Kaito shortwave radio ka007 - solar shortwave radioThis amazing radio can be powered 4 different ways. Set the radio in the sun and it will play or charge the internal NIMH batteries – 4 hours charging in bright sun gives 24 hours play time (Cloudy days give about half power.) You can listen at low volume with the built in speaker in low light, or with the included earphone with even less light. Turning the dynamo generator for 1 minute will give 10-30 minutes of listening time depending on how dead the batteries are and the playing volume. The high quality hand crank is much larger than on most dynamo radios making it easier to turn. You can use an AC (included) or DC adapter to charge the internal NIMH batteries – 4 hours of charging provides 72 hours play time!! You can even use 3 AA batteries to power the radio giving you the ultimate in versatility.

The internal NIMH (no memory) batteries can be charged 500 or more times, and the radio will play from solar energy, AA batteries, or AC power even after the internal batteries are dead. This radio allows you to listen to your favorite AM/FM or TV station. You can also tune in to exciting shortwave broadcasts from around the world. Thats not all, you can even pick up Weather, Police, and Taxi bands. Sony integrated circuits assure you of superb reception on all bands. The KA007 has HI and LO battery and Tune LEDs. The compact size (6 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ X 2 1/4″) makes this shortwave radio easy to take with you everywhere. The KA007 shortwave radio comes with an AC adapter, earphones, and soft antenna. Also included is an instruction manual with an FAQ section and some shortwave frequencies to get you started. These accessories alone are nearly worth the cost of the radio!!4 Way power for your shortwave Radio

Band Specifications
FM: 88-108 Mhz
AM: 530-1710 Khz
TV 1: Channels 2-6
TV 2 Channels 7-13
VHF: 145-175 Mhz Taxi/Police/Business Radio
Weather Band: 162.55-162.4 Mhz
SW 1 4.9-9.5 Mhz
SW 2 9.5-13.5 Mhz
SW 3 13.5-17.5 Mhz
SW 4 17.5-22 Mhz


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