Lodge Serving Pot With Cover


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Lodge Logic 2 Qt. Serving Pot with Iron Cover These handy Lodge Serving Pots are seasoned to a black patina with 100% natural vegetable oil offering a healthy approach to non-stick cooking, as well as eliminating the time and effort of home seasoning. They are ready-to-use right out of the box.

The Lodge Serving Pot is 2 qt., 8″ in diameter, and 2 7/8″ deep. It is constructed with two side loop handles for ease in handling, and comes with an iron lid.

Lodge’s two quart Serving Pot is just the thing for oven to table serving of casseroles, soups, beans, stews, cobblers or any family favorite.

Lodge 2 qt Serving Pot is the perfect accompaniment for the Global Sun Oven with it’s blackness and mass to soak up the sun’s cooking heat.


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